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What is a Script Clearance Report?


The Research House is Western Canada’s leading provider of script clearance reports. With a dedicated staff of 10 consultants including two entertainment lawyers, The Research House is able to accommodate several projects simultaneously and handle several high priority requests with accuracy and remarkable turnaround.

Script clearance research involves reading and breaking down a script and identifying all items that represent possible legal conflicts if used as is. This includes character names, business names, product names, organization names, locations, artwork, music, and other copyright or trademark protected material.

Clearance researchers produce a report that an experienced entertainment lawyer will use to determine if particular details found in a script may pose legal problems.

Script research and script clearance workers must be very detail oriented and very organized. Filmmakers can be picky about the research they want, and typically they want the information right away.

Clearing the content of a script before beginning to shoot is highly recommended, since some elements can’t be changed once the film is finished. Failing to complete the necessary clearances could result in having to redo elements, leading at minimum to expensive editing costs or even worse, the inability to screen or distribute the film at all.

There are usually a lot of details and facts that need to be checked, which means using a wide variety of databases and resources. Making many phone calls and creative problem solving to obtain information are also important parts of the job.

“It has been a pleasure working with Krista and her team at The Research House on our last two movies. I have especially appreciated the responsiveness and quick turnarounds which are critical for any production. We look forwarding to working with The Research House again on upcoming productions.”